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Function of Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Web design is just the development of a website. Search engine optimization is the process of website or web page visibility in a search engine. Web design and search engine optimization go hand in hand with the other. Without a search engine the website is of less or almost no importance because visitors will not be able to see it. To find a particular website you need to have a search engine to provide you with the information. When you are designing a good website be it for business, social ethics, church or any organization, you should not forget to put the search engine for identifying the site. You do not forget to optimize search engines when you want to design a good website to give the visitors the information they need. Information included during web design should measure the search engines optimization to give visitors easy time in researching. As this will make it easier parsing the content. Do not use too little information and more search engines and vice versa. A standard developed the web should have a lot of stuff included. You should note what aspired you to create it and the general goals and objectives . Delivering the content of your site, impressing the viewers and attracting visitors are always the primary objectives of creating a site. The content of the website varies from information, blogs, products and services, and the reasons for creating the site. The information should be included on the site not forgetting even one of them.
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During creation of a website very few and vital information should be employed. Neither use little nor too much content in developing your website. This will prevent the viewers from concentrating on the information that is of less importance Omit unnecessary information and only use the ones that go straight to the point. The vital and straight to the point information will increase the concentration span of the visitors.
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The search engines help the visitors to identify and find the site and be able to get the vital information from it as a way doing research. Search engine optimization is the next task after you have included all the content on your site including the reasons for creation and objectives. You can optimize you designed the web using search engines search as Google, Twitter, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, and others. Adding more than one search engine in your site will duly help to serve all the site visitors as they prefer using different ones. The site will gain popularity when your content information and search engine optimization are well balanced as many clients will be visiting the site. It is indeed important to balance the content and search engines to increase the number of people visiting your site hence enhance the popularity of the site. Also good graphics will attract more visitors. The graphical view of your site plays a significant role in increasing the number of people you meet on the site. You should use high-quality images during the design to give it a nice look.