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A Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Recover Your Rightful Compensation

Accidents happen on our roads every day, even to the most cautious drivers. If you’ve been in a recent car wreck, it’s advisable that you enlist the services of an accident attorney as soon as possible. While the lawyer cannot take away your pain, they can fight for your rightful compensation so you can get things back on track. From determining who is liable to filing a claim with the insurers, you attorney can help make things easier after accident. Let’s check out the steps taken by attorneys to help you win a settlement:

Establishing who’s responsible

The moments after a car crash can be confusing. This is because establishing who as liable for the accident may not be immediately possible. And this is why having a lawyer can prove crucial. Your attorney will rush to the accident scene, if possible, to collect the evidence while it’s still fresh. To help establish liability, your lawyer may also hire a private investigator. The evidence collected by the private investigator will be crucial to filing a strong claim.

Calculating settlement owed

As a car accident victim, the amount you’re owed by the insurance company depends on the damages you’ve suffered. Damages are usually either economic or non-economic. Economic damages are such things as medical expenses, damaged vehicle and lost wages. Non-economic damages cover things like mental and emotional trauma, physical pain, and loss of enjoyment of life. The insurance company may tempt you with an offer soon after the accident. Insurance companies often attempt to take advantage or clueless unrepresented victims by offering the lowest possible compensation.

You should however not listen to any offers until you have legal representation. Estimating the value of your claim is part of your attorney’s work. All the finances losses, as well as pain and suffering endured, will be factored in when estimating your claim’s value. You may then know that the offer you received from the insurance company is only a fraction of your rightful compensation.

Negotiating with the insurers

Once the claim has been prepared, the lawyer will send it to the insurers, asking to settle. Having a competent, experienced attorney is a big plus in negotiating the highest possible settlement. Be sure to pick an attorney with a good track record of settling claims.Your attorney should be ready to take the case to trial if the insurance company is not willing to settle. Hopefully, this is something you will have discussed with your lawyer beforehand. A good attorney will do their best to demonstrate to the jury just how much suffering you’ve had to endure as a result of the accident.
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