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Planning Your Travel to Kenya Understand that Kenya is known to be a cradle of Africa and such is one developing country in the East Africa. There are many reasons for traveling to this country. The attractions in Kenya would range from those stunning landscapes, the Indian Ocean white sandy beaches as well as the memorable mountain snowy peaks of such Mt. Kenya. Also, there are those great lakes which are located in the great rift valley. You should know that Kenya has over 40 parks as well as game reserves where you can have that unique opportunity to watch the most excellent wildlife in Africa. You can have a chance to watch those beautiful birds and also relate with such friendly individuals. The country has such wonderful culture diversity with over 42 different ethnic groups. This has a tropical climate and this gets sunshine throughout the year and this would also permit the travelers to visit the country anytime. There are actually two rain seasons yearly. There are the long rains of April to June and there are also short rains from October to December. You must know that July to August are really the coldest months while February to March are known as the hottest months. Many times, it is really cold at night as well as early in the morning. The coastal region is mostly hot and humid. When you would travel to Kenya, you have to ensure that you can choose the month in which you will not be traveling in a rainy weather and such is because you want to get the most from the trip. You should make sure that you also plan the trip in advance so that you can book the flights and be sure that you will not go there on a peak season when you like to save some money.
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Also an important thing that you should carefully plan for the travel to Kenya is accommodation. Ensure that you can choose the right place where you will stay. It is really important that you are able to choose one that is great for you and also the other individuals who will be with you during the trip. Make sure that you are able to book in advance as well since there are also other tourists who may visit on the same time as yours. Due to this, you need to be sure that you have the right accommodation that you want by booking in advance.
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Moreover, you must not forget to plan ahead of time the places and attractions that you are going to visit on your trip to Kenya. Planning in advance can make sure that you will not miss those beautiful tourist spots.