by cecile | 20:42

Any business that deals with transportation understands the importance of safety on the road. The goal is to find drivers that are going to make the best decisions possible each and every time they take a vehicle out for a drive. However, the Department of Transportation has taken things one step further, requesting that business owners arrange for commercial testing and education to be done. This ensures that all employees are well aware of the requirements for driving and allows an employer to go through DOT testing when necessary.

Turning the education over to a professional can be helpful. While most employers have a general idea of how drug and alcohol testing works, there are often lots of questions that employees bring up that might affect test results. An employer doesn’t want to be responsible for providing employees with incorrect information. Instead, a professional company can come in and provide the necessary education, including offering an explanation as to why the Department of Transportation values this policy and how it is administered.

Testing itself can be challenging for an employer. Where should be the testing be done? How many tests should be done per year? Who takes care of testing before an employee is hired? There are lots of unknowns when it comes to actually drug testing the people that work for a company. Instead, hiring a professional group to handle all testing makes sense. It allows someone outside of the company to take care of the details and actually creates some separation between employers and their employees. There is no need to be concerned with anyone taking things personally when an outside company is facilitating this part of the compliance with the Department of Transportation.

The consequences can be dire when a company doesn’t stick with the guidelines laid out by the Department of Transportation when it comes to drugs and alcohol and the testing of employees. Because this is taken so seriously, it makes sense to do everything possible to adhere to the policies. At the end of the day, this policy, as well as bringing in an outside company to handle testing, helps keep other drivers out on the road safe.