by cecile | 04:01

Citroen has rolled out their new models of the C1 in three and five door options. This compact city car is cost-effective to purchase and gets excellent gas mileage for low operating costs. Depending on the model selected, mileage ranges from sixty-eight to seventy-five miles per gallon. Improvements over previous models include better noise insulation and a re-worked rear suspension system that makes for a quieter and smoother ride. The vehicle is lightweight so it is agile and responsive.

The exterior is redesigned for a stylish look. A fabric sunroof, called Airscape, has been added to some models and rolls back at the touch of a button. Those who select this option will notice a slight increase in wind and noise at speeds over thirty miles per hour. Test drive the vehicle with an “Airscape” roof before making a decision on adding the feature to the purchase price of the car. There are a total of eight body colors from which to choose. Colors can also be mixed and matched for a two-toned look. Go on the Citroen website and play with different colors and features with the interactive C1 Configurator. Select a model, add features, and pick out the exterior color(s) to personal preferences. Drivers will be able to see what their dream car looks like before leaving the house. Each model, all colors, and designated options are available on the application. Once the driver is finished, the total price, estimated gas mileage, and financing options are displayed.

This car is well reviewed, with the overall consensus indicating it is a great vehicle for the price range. The interior seats four adults comfortably, which is standard for compact cars. Taller individuals will want to sit in the front seats for more head and leg room. The boot is perfect for holding groceries, sports equipment, or enough luggage for two people to bring on vacation. Keep in mind that it is a small car and large items may not fit into the boot, but the hatchback allows more room than vehicles in the same class that have only two or four doors. Consider the Citroen for getting around the city easily and cheaply.