Slightly different from GPS Navigation commonly used to show the travel route so as to facilitate the achievement of certain purposes, in the automotive world GPS is also used as a tracker or commonly known as GPS Tracker.

GPS that serves to monitor and track the location of your vehicle. The location of the vehicle will be displayed on a digital map that is very easy to understand even by people who never see the map though.

When the GPS tracker is installed in the vehicle, the GPS receiver will immediately receive the coordinate signal where the vehicle is located. Every few seconds, a SIM card installed in the GPS tracker will send the vehicle position coordinates to the tracking server using the GSM / GPRS network.

The coordinate data will then be incorporated into an easily understandable digital map so that it can describe the vehicle’s travel route to the last location of the vehicle. The digital map can be accessed through the tracking website that has been created by the GPS tracker manufacturer.

In general, all GPS trackers can monitor routes, vehicle speeds, live or dead engine conditions, hear conversations in car cabins, speed limit sensors, emergency buttons

The main function of the GPS tracker is of course the anticipation of theft. Tracking in real time so as to know the exact location of the vehicle.

It is not only easy to track the position of a car or motorcycle when it is lost, but on certain brands, it has the feature to turn off the machine remotely via SMS.

For business needs such as travel business, expedition and vehicle rental this device is also very easy to set the schedule and see the history of the vehicle route has been anywhere and can be downloaded as an archive. For GPS on truck, you can see it through Garmin Dezl Truck GPS.

More easy for users, tracking app that is easy to understand and can be opened directly from smartphone. But to choose it, there are many things to watch out for. Most importantly, choose one that has reliable tech support to help you.