by cecile | 13:48

Citroen is not always a name that gets pulses racing, but that is just fine with millions of satisfied owners. The storied company has kept up its rock-solid reputation for practicality for many years, while also evolving with the times. While Citroen’s new models still tend to cluster on the affordable end of the scale, the manufacturer has injected enough variety into its lineup in recent years that even enthusiasts have started to take note. While the New Citroen C1 will not necessarily further this aspect of the company’s image, it marks an impressive little achievement in its own right.

Just as famed Citroen vehicles of decades past tended to embody a highly pragmatic take on small-car excellence, so does this year’s C1 set out after the same quarry. While the lines of the C1 are a far cry from those of long-ago classics like the Citroen 2CV, there is a certain undeniable charm to the car’s shape. What might look a bit like pudginess or excessive inflation from outside, it turns out, is also put to practical use within. Despite being a truly compact little vehicle, the C1 feels roomier inside than do many sedans and other cars from ostensibly more spacious classes.

Even relatively tall drivers, in fact, will sit happily and comfortably behind the wheel of the C1, thanks in large part to that swelling roof line. If that brings to mind the way that Volkswagen’s petite air-cooled Beetles seemed to create a lot more interior space than their outlines would suggest was possible, Citroen’s designers can nonetheless be credited. This is because the new C1 from Citroen not only puts a lot of space atop a compact frame, it does so in ways that are highly aerodynamic.

As a result, the C1 cuts through the air a lot more cleanly that its bulbous shape might suggest to some. That, of course, is only part of what it takes to make even a small car efficient, but the C1’s designers followed through in every possible way. As a result, the C1 combines an extremely livable presence and ride with the kind of fuel efficiency that many targeted buyers will find extremely appealing.