by cecile | 20:07

Most people wouldn’t dream of driving a new car off the lot without giving it a test, and a used motorcycle shouldn’t be any different. When a person decides to test drive a motorcycle, there are a few things they’ll want to look for to ensure they’re not overpaying for a motorcycle that’s going to require a significant amount of work to be driveable.

Get Going, Check the Acceleration

Make sure the motorcycle accelerates evenly and quickly, without seeming like it needs to be really pushed to get to a standard driving speed. If the motorcycle has trouble accelerating, it could imply issues that will need to be repaired before it can be driven regularly.

Stop to Check the Brakes

Checking the brakes is vital. Make sure the brakes feel firm and stop the motorcycle quickly. Test out slow braking and give a little bit of faster braking a try. While it’s not a good idea to brake too fast if it’s not necessary, it’s also a good idea to ensure the brakes will work if there’s a sudden need for the motorcycle to stop.

Driving Straight and Around Turns

Drive straight for a while, seeing how the bike handles the road. If it tries to lean to the right or left, this could indicate an issue with the framing, so it’s very important to take note of this. Then, take the motorcycle around a few turns in both directions to see how it handles the turns.

Listen to the Sounds it Makes

Through the entire test drive, listen to the sounds of the motorcycle. Most people, even if they haven’t ridden a Harley before, know what it should sound like. If anything is off, this could indicate a serious issue. Start the bike cold and listen as it starts, as it’s being ridden, and as it’s brought back to a stop to be able to hear any odd noises that could occur.

If you’re planning on purchasing a used motorcycle, these points can help you ensure you’re purchasing one that’s going to be ready to drive, not ready for the mechanic. Once you know what to look for in a test drive, it’s time for you to find a top notch used harley for sale and go ahead and give it a whirl.